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    Email Mail Merge Tables misaligned

    I run the email mail merge as per the tutorial and in the emails the table headers don't match up to the data. This is driving me crazy. Everything else works except the tables being misaligned. Is it something to do with the macro? Table properties in the Mailmerge Main Document? "You’ll need to format the paragraph containing the Data field(s) with as many tabs as needed to keep the results of the data fields in your primary data source separate, so as to layout the results correctly." Any help is appreciated and thank you again for the tutorial. example.png

    So it looks like the first example is working right until the total pulls in close to the report key in the first example. In the second example the report name is too long, so it pushes the report key and total out. Is this a macro problem? Sorry for the blacked out stuff.

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    You can only maintain a given format if you're merging to HTML emails. Plain text emails can't do that. And, with HTML emails, your data would need tabstops set far enough apart so that each 'column' has enough space for the maximum amount of data you'll be outputting there. Some experimentation may be required.

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