I run WinXP/Office XP. Dedicated 7GB temp partition as well as a separate 3GB Pagefile partition. 1GB free space on C, where WinXP and Office XP reside.

Intermittently, Outlook 2002 refuses the File Send command with an attachment included in the message. It blinks, but the message does not go to the Outbox, and the message window remains open. Normally, the Send command closes the message window and returns me to the main Outlook window. Deleting the attachment cures the problem. Attachment size does not seem to be a factor, but there is an abnormal delay in doing the Insert File command to create it. I also use ZoneAlarm (the latest version, and Panda Antivirus (ditto), all XP compatible.

Occasionally, I get things to work by first creating the message without the attachment, so that it resides in the Outbox. Then I drag and drop the file using My Computer. Works perhaps one in 10 tries.