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    WD external harddrive slows unless system rebooted

    I have a 2TB Western Digital external harddrive that I back up my data files to nightly using a program called Synchromagic from The available capacity of the drive is 1.7TB, and I've used 571GB, so two-thirds of the drive is empty. After a reboot, a nightly backup takes just a few hours. However, if I don't reboot, then the backup creeps along, taking more than 24 hours (I've never waited long enough to see exactly how long it would take). I know the program hasn't stalled because I see the filelist change. My IT guy says that my Windows 7 operating system is running just fine and there are no events that could explain the slowdown. I hate having to reboot every 24 hours. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can prevent the slowdown without rebooting?

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    My WDC 2TB works with either USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 but I have a USB 3.0 port on the computer it's hooked to using a USB 3.0 cable, could that be your issue since USB 2.0 is slower?

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    1 Try unplugging the drive periodically and prior to file transfers.
    2 Avoid excessive file sizes to transfer <10GB at a time, unless it is an image.
    3 Do restart the computer prior to a large file transfer.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    IF you left the WD My Passport 0740 Usb device in that condition and only made the computer reboot by running system restore, then that can be your problem with not being recognized by your computer any longer.

    - mass storage device
    - My Passport 0740 USB device
    - WD SES USB device
    Those, 3 drive you can install with WD password My Passport 0740 Usb device....when the drive is install to computer is it used.then you must to boot your system.

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