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    Microsoft Office 2010 installation problem

    I'm running windows 8.1 on my desktop. I had a major crash. I've recovered the os and took off a lot of programs that I don't need. I am now rebuilding the machine with the programs I use all the time.

    I'v tried to reinstall Microsoft office 2010 which is import as I use Word and Outlook a lot. I the reinstalling everytime I get about halfway and it stops and says "Error 1324 The folder path encountered an error (The folder path 'program files' contains an invalid character.

    In checking I see that I have two c:\program files in place but I can';t seem to clear out one of them. This may be causing the error problem but a lot of the files are "in use" and can't be moved.

    How do I clear the error?

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    That sounds like a bit of data corruption on the hard disk, possibly due to or causing the crash. Personally I'd format and start from scratch otherwise you will continue to suffer these sorts of problems. Don't forget to backup first - both an image and data.

    cheers, Paul

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