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    Occasional strange boot failure

    My old desktop workstation built on an Asus Mobo P5WDG2-WS - Win 7 Pro 64 Bit, developed this strange error on boot up, see pic.
    This happened only maybe once a week and a reboot solved the problem, and it started normally.
    Now I build myself a new pc, and passed this old one over to a friend, who is now experiencing the same problem, and more often than I did - i.e. several times a week.
    I kept my "old" graphic card and stuck it in my new pc, and it makes no errors, so this is not the culprit, also I put my friends old Graphic card, which had never failed in his old pc into my old pc (the one with the errors).
    Before I handed it over, I changed the BIOS battery, but to no avail.
    Tried to put the BIOS in "safe settings-mode", but he still gets the error.
    This happens before Windows starts, so I don't think Windows sees the error, at least I cannot find anything in "eventviewer".
    What puzzles me is that for the first time I have been unable to "google" the problem and find someone else describing a similar problem, but this could very well be down to my inability to find the right search term ("a vertical row of the letter"H" at boot up"?).
    I should probably mention that after it starts successfully everything works as intended, with no problems whatsoever.
    Not sure if it is relevant to post what hardware is inside, also I don't posses it anymore, but it has a SSD for Windows and programs (plenty of space left over) and a "normal" HD for Data. 6 Gigs of DDR2 and an Intel CPU at 3.4 GHz.
    Anyone here have any suggestions or experienced a similar situation?
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    Try cleaning the board
    I have also had boot failure if it to cool inside home


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    You could try booting into the Recovery Environment from cold and running a Startup Repair to see what that reports or go into msconfig and set it to create a Boot log - leave the computer for a bit and then boot it.

    The log can be found in Windows\ntbtlog and will open in Notepad when double clicking on it.

    If you want to run subsequent Boot logs, delete the current ntbtlog as it will be added to when that option is used again.

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