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    my poblem of 3 SSD's

    Subject: my problem of 3 SSD's

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I've an assembled PC with state of the art components installed therein. Initially I'd only a 256 GB SSD that stores Windows 8.1 Pro (X64) as the main OS. Then I added a 128 GB SSD on which I installed windows7 Ultimate (x64) as the second OS. After getting help from you I've been using F11 key to boot either OS without any problems. No problems till here.

    Now I've just got a 2nd 256 GB SSD on which I've loaded Win-10 Tech Preview. Here the problem has not started but aggrevated. the F11 key works without problems. However in win 8.1 it runs chkdsk on the Win7 SSD & in Win 10 it runs chkdsk on the Win 8.1 SSD. After chkdsk is done, some corruption / such thing happens & I've difficulty in booting into that OS. Can I've 3 SSDs with 3 OS's installed & will it work without any probs?? Is there any way in which I can stop chkdsk from running on all the SSDs & thereby solve the problem of booting into the OS without any problems? Pl treat this matter Urgent & revert to me with a solution ASAP. Thanks in advance.

    Yours truly,

    Viraf P Chinoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    ...However in win 8.1 it runs chkdsk on the Win7 SSD & in Win 10 it runs chkdsk on the Win 8.1 SSD...
    See my #6 and #7 posts in this thread: Win7/Win10 TP NTFS woes
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