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    Blocking Windows Defender updates

    This summer I finally upgraded from XP to Windows 7; in XP I had my updates set to notify me when they were available, so I could filter the ones I wanted to allow and those I wanted to avoid based on info from these forums. that worked great while I had XP.

    Now, with Windows 7, I use Avast! and Malwarebytes for my security - same as with XP - but now I'm getting Windows Defender updates coming in with my Windows Updates, and there's no way I can see to prevent them from 'notifying' me in the Systray with that update icon. I've always been very particular about keeping current with my updates, but since I don't use Defender and there's always a daily update and thus always a Windows Update icon in the Systray, I've gotten pretty lax in the Updates area. I'm used to seeing the update icon appear, and just as used to assuming it's just the daily Defender update that I've been ignoring, and that's a dangerous habit to get into.

    So I want to know - is there any way to turn off the Defender updates? I'm guessing that since it's a Microsoft product, the answer is NO. But I want to ask anyway, and hope for a mini-miracle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djmoore View Post there any way to turn off the Defender updates?...
    Turn Defender off, so WU will not prompt to update it.

    See: Turn Windows Defender on or off
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    Open the Microsoft Security Essentials Window
    Select the Settings tab
    Select Real-time protection in the left pane
    Uncheck Turn on real-time protection in the right pane

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    WD can be turned off just like MSE can be turned off. W8's WD is refurbished MSE. W7 WD & MSE can co-exist, they seem to Venn somewhat.
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