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    Moving DC to new server

    I am hoping someone can help with this as none (all 3 in IT Dept) are AD Experts. We currently have a DC running on Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit that is a former exchange server and DNS server and it is getting rather unstable. All attempts to convert it to a VM have failed and backups are also failing. We are realizing we no longer need this to be an Exchange Server so we a proposing creating a new Windows Server 2003 64bit (don't ask why not Server 2008 or 2012) and trying to move the AD/DC to this new server along with the DNS. We DO have another DNS server on the network. Our problem is nobody here has ever done this and we are unsure how to proceed. Can anyone point us to a STEP BY STEP we could follow in order to do this? It would really be helpful and I've always been able to find answers in this forum. You guys are great. Thanks for any help.

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    You should always have a stand alone DC just in case your VM hardware packs it in - that's two DCs.

    To add a DC just promote a member server, or install it as a DC to an existing forest - make sure you install DNS before you promote it.
    You will now have two DCs and can transfer all the FSMO roles from the failing server to the new one - a quick search will give details.
    Once the FSMO roles have been transferred you can demote the old server, then switch it off.
    It really is very simple.

    Things to note:
    Do not be tempted to re-use the old servers IP address for the new server, m'kay.
    You need to ensure the DHCP service is set to replicate the subnets in AD, then you can fire up DHCP on the new server and make it authoritative.
    The DHCP scope will need to be changed to reflect the new DNS server IP.
    Any machines/printers with hard coded IP info will need to have the DNS values updated - this is why we hate hard coding IP.
    Ensure there are no other services running on the old DC before demoting it - look in the Services applet of Control Panel.

    On the subject of DNS servers, do you use the DNS for internet lookup of do you allow the PCs to go direct?

    cheers, Paul

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