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Thread: Another Anomoly

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    Another Anomoly

    Every afternoon (OK morning your time Eileen) at about this time the proxy server that I have to go through to get to the internet develops alzheimers. When I click on a link, I get a 404 message (the friendly version with the suggestions that don't work) saying that it can't find the host I am trying to get to. This is normally just an anoyance, I just click on "Refresh" until the proxy remembers how to do a DNS lookup. However, I have noticed that this causes a couple of problems when using the lounge. If I am in a forum thred index and click on the "Jump" button, and then have to use the "Refresh" to get back to the forum index, when I get back to the forum index the unread message count for that thread is not updated. Similarly, if I click on the Main Index button from the forum index and have to use the Refresh button, the unread message count for the forum is not updated.
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    Re: Another Anomoly

    That happens to you, as well? Don't ya hate it! The air's <font color=6495ed>blue</font color=6495ed> around my desk some mornings...
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