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    Updates for Windows 8.1 won't install

    My Windows Updates are good through 11/28.
    On 11/30 I started to download KB3000850 but pushed the stop button due to time.
    After that there were 6 attempts to start the download/install of KB2267602 on 12/04 that failed and a final one that succeeded.
    On 12/06 I have a notice to update and it was KB2267602 again and it failed. The date seems to be erroneous because I am writing this at 4:52 am on 12/06 and have not made any updates today until just now.
    Before shutting down just now I saw the update notice and went ahead and let the update take effect.
    When I looked at the history it showed KB2267602 again and it was successful.
    Running the mouse over the history I found that KB2267602 has 2 different definition numbers: 1.189.1504.0 & 1.189.1310.0. Both show failures and successes. This last one was a success 1.189.1504.0.

    The two definitions and the fact that the latest one was initially (3x) giving me an error of missing updates is making me very suspicious.

    Has anyone else noted this for windows 8.1? Is this as unusual as it seems to me to be?

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    There will be a troubleshooting option in WU when a failure is detected that you can use that can be quite effective.
    Have you attempted to utilize it yet?

    Or here:
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spark55 View Post
    Is this as unusual as it seems to me to be?

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