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    How to create a word document to pdf document using ms word..


    Pdf files carry a big advantage against other types of file format types, mostly because of their read only attribute i.e without editable. The big question is how you can create and convert multiple MS word , jpg image, excel, epub, xls documents, web pages into pdf doc without incurring an extra dollar. There are various best ways am going to explain, so do take the most easiest to follow way.

    PDF Files Converting Steps

    a) Click on “File” located on top of your open Microsoft word document.
    b) Choose ‘save as’ and click on it.
    c) A dialog box appears asking you to name your MS Word document. Just below it, do ensure you click that drop-down menu where you are asked “save as type” and choose pdf format.
    d) Click “save” just below there and your MS word document opens as a saved pdf document format.

    Another Method

    a) Click on “File”
    b) Choose “Print”
    c) In the drop down menu for the printer, choose your pdf printer.
    d) Save your PDF document in your preferred windows location.

    Thamanna kora
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    Thank you for posting this. Note though, it will not apply to many users.

    Your first "Save As" method applies with Word 2007 and later. Earlier versions of Word did not have this feature. (There are a lot of users of earlier versions, especially Word 2003. Many people have rejected the Ribbon Interface.)

    The second method requires installation of a pdf printer driver. This is not hard to do but does not come preinstalled on most systems. My favorite is CutePDF. There are a number of free downloads available.

    Obviously, installation of Adobe Acrobat (with expenditure of more than one "extra dollar") is a third method.

    Finally, pdf files can be edited unless secured. I'm sure there is software other than Adobe Acrobat that can secure a pdf but Word does not secure pdf files.

    A general rule of document security is that if a user can see a document on screen, the user can copy the document. If the user can copy the document, they can, sometimes with a lot of work, modify it. Like you, when I am sending documents outside for viewing rather than modification, I use the pdf format. Among other advantages is that it is likely to look the same to the recipient as it does to me.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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