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    Controlling Win8's auto-synching of settings


    Controlling Win8's auto-synching of settings

    By Fred Langa

    Windows 8's cloud storage of personalized system settings can lead to unexpected changes. Here's how to control what's saved and what's restored. Plus: Curing 'disc not recognized' errors on CD/DVD drives, why VeraCrypt won't work with Win8, and salvaging an XP system after a disastrous error.

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    I've asked on the VeraCrypt forum for opinions about the recent section in Mr. Langa's column entitled "Why VeraCrypt won’t work with Windows 8". They are adamant that his negative comments make no sense, at least for my uses of VeraCrypt. Specifically, they said:

    -- Quote --

    One thing is for sure: if all VeraCrypt volumes are dismounted during the creation of a recovery image, there will be no issues simply because Windows doesn't know about them!!

    If they are really honest, they should tell people to dismount all encrypted volumes before creating a recovery image in order to avoid any potential issues. Instead, they tell people to not use any encryption at all (apart from Bitlocker I suppose).

    And last point: when you are using encrypted volume to store sensitive data, the last thing you want is create a Windows recovery image the contains these data. Thus the intuitive dismouting of all volumes before creating any system image.

    A message to the editors of this newsletter: please feel free to clarify the issues you are talking about and explain why I'm wrong in thinking that your statements are false and at minimum misleading.

    -- End Quote --

    The above comments seem to make sense, yet this is the second time (that I know of) where Mr. Langa has had negative things to say about VeraCrypt.

    Understand that I am NOT speaking about whole HDD or partition encryption. My sole use for TrueCrypt and/or VeraCrypt is to create a single encrypted file to hold private documents, and then store that file either on my HDD or on a flash drive. Obviously the file is in the encrypted state during any backup operations.. So my primary question is whether the VeraCrypt EXE file will work to open this encrypted file while running Win 8.x or the upcoming Win 10. If Mr. Langa can verify that this in fact works, I hope he can let everyone know now that the older TrueCrypt has been effectively orphaned.

    BTW, a VeraCrypt forum member suggested this: "I would suggest to them, if they wish to write about VeraCrypt they should post a draft here and allow Mounir to correct it before they publish." I leave to Mr. Langa whether he thinks that this is a reasonable request or not.


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