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    Paragon-Software Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 - fails to migrate!

    I have been trying to breathe new life into my old Dell XPS 9000 desktop computer.
    I have a new SSD and wanted to migrate the OS to it. I got Paragon-Software's Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 software based on an article from PC World magazine. This software is supposed to let you migrate your OS when you have different size drives. I.e. my hard drive is 1 TB and the SSD is 128GB.

    After installing everything and running the program, I can select what to move since the drives are different sized. I then am told I'll have about 15gb of space left after the migration.

    First time I ran it I got this error: "Failed to copy partition with the OS. Error: Bad parameter or function".
    I tried again with the "Fill OS" option checked. This time it said I didn't have enough disk space.
    I tried running in safe mode - no change.
    Then a pop up window showed saying migration complete. OK? Really?
    ​I looked at the SSD parameters and it showed a 9.7GB Recovery partition and a BLANK, UNALLOCATED partition for the rest.

    On a whim, I changed to boot drive to the SSD and it wouldn't boot. No surprise really. Switched back to my hard drive. I still get the popup after every reboot saying the migration is complete

    I tried dealing with Paragon. They said to run CHKDSK which I did. No difference. They asked for some txt files which I tried to upload but always received Internal Server 500 errors. Then they closed the ticket before I could get an answer about uploading the text files. I'm re-opening the trouble ticket but have little confidence in them.

    So here I am asking here if anyone has any ideas.

    btw, running Win 7 Home 64bit, all the latest updates
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    Try the free version of Drive Clone. I've had no trouble booting from cloned SSDs after using it. Make sure that the advanced settings are correct before running it.

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    I backed up my laptop with Macrium Reflect free, then swapped the SSD in and restored the lot. Job done, even the alignment was correct.

    cheers, Paul

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