I am trying Kaspersky for the first time.
I downloaded their Rescue Disk 10 as a starter. I burned the iso file to a CD-RW but it fails to load giving a database corruption message.

I tried to use the rescue disk in one of my many Virtual Machines and it loaded correctly and ran OK.

So why could it not load the KAV iso file in my Host machine?

All machines are Windows 7 Professional x64 (Host and VMs).
Host hardware is an ASUS P9X79 LE motherboard with a 4 core Intel processor 32GB RAM and 2 disks in a RAID 1 mirror plus two more individual disks.

When the rescue disk application tells me that the database is corrupt I try to update it and it fails. When closing down the rescue disk it gets an error in the cleaning up phase
Cat: write error: no space left on device.

I then have to shutdown the machine manually and restart it.

Has anyone seen this problem before and solved it?