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    rsBWN-ACTF backup, restore - mitigating viri/malware & OPs problems

    Hi everyone! I would like fresh ideas concerning backups and restores.

    We all know that certain OPs mistakes, certain viri, certain malware can partially or fully tank a desktop or laptop Windows OS and/or major portions of things nonMicrosoft, but, important to us. Not having backup[s] that can be restored, presently constitutes a major emergency on our part. Reinstalling is just the beginning, think of all the fun of reConfiguring, reSetting, rePreference-settings, etc. [...not]

    For years, I've made cdrive and ddrive images using 2003 Norton Ghost. Finally, a friend told me about and I fully got online with Acronis True Image [and Acronis Disk Director]. Not doing incrementals, rather doing monthly or bimonthly full images of C & D partitions. Years ago, my desktop had "twin drives," one C, other D. Now, only one drive, two partitions.

    Between backups, on D, I have zDsktp folder. Desktop has geekNtech, RMS projects, folders that contain 99% of my icons. Desktop only has 20-26 "stand-alones." I copy both folders and desktop icons into zDsktp folder, treating my desktop like I used to treat the root directory of long ago WFW311 & earlier. In D's zDsktp folder is a zipfile named zDsktpS01 -- and it contains those two desktop folders & desktop icons. That's my backup and restore. Concerning Registry backup/restore, System Restore Points, I have tried them with mixed results 'cause it depends upon what was installed, uninstalled, dorked with between last SRP-save and current crisis. One benefit for me for zDsktp folder is that my desktop and both laptops having their own zipfiles -- I can "import, export, copy from, copy to" amongst the three zipfiles, thus eventually, "evening things."

    All backups are not perfect. Sometimes I have backed up existing problems that I was not aware of. Mostly minor, a few were - major. Restores can fail if original write was flawed, if present read/write is flawed, etc.

    Ok, you'all's turn. What are your backup, restore ideas and action plans?
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