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    Mail merge... more than one row for my key... help? thanks

    Hi guys,

    I have a simple question. I know how to use mail merge, but I would like it if I had an excel table for instance:


    What I want to do is send a letter automatically to each Client (each client has a specific email), with a link and product name. Problem is each one could contain 1-10 products/links. It won't be the same for each client.

    How can I make this happen? I realized that I can't send catalogs via email. What could I do to make this work? Could someone maybe post an example code if this is indeed doable? Also, is there a way to send an email and an attachment via mail merge if I wanted to send the same thing, but the email just as an attachment?

    Thanks so much!

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    You can use Word's Catalogue/Directory Mailmerge facility for this (the terminology depends on the Word version). To see how to do so with any mailmerge data source supported by Word, check out my Microsoft Word Catalogue/Directory Mailmerge Tutorial at:
    (it's a Sticky thread at the top of this forum). The tutorial covers everything from list creation to the insertion & calculation of values in multi-record tables in letters. Do read the tutorial before trying to use the mailmerge document included with it.

    For some worked examples, see the attachments to the posts at:

    Alternatively, you may want to try one of the Many-to-One Mail Merge add-ins, from:
    Graham Mayor at; or
    Doug Robbins at

    In addition to a 'Many to One' merge, the latter handles:
    • Merge with Charts
    • Duplex Merge
    • Merge with FormFields
    • Merge with Attachments
    • Merge to Individual Documents
    • Merge, Print and Staple

    As for merging to email with attachments, see:

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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