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    Changing Default Action

    In WXP, the first time a program runs, there's a box that pops up ans aks what you want done and if you want it done that way every time. I apparently made an error with instructions about my G drive - where can i change that?

    TIA, Michael

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    Re: Changing Default Action

    I don't know WinXP well, but I think you are talking about your CD drive (or DVD, or CD-RW...). When you insert CD in it, pop-up AutoPlay dialog box appeared and you check "Always do the selected action".

    From Windows XP Help, they propose:

    To change how your computer handles multimedia content
    1. Open My Computer.
    2. Under Devices with Removable Storage, right-click the device you want, such as a digital camera or CD-ROM drive, and then click Properties.
    3. On the AutoPlay tab, click the multimedia content type you want to change.
    4. Under Actions, click the action you want Windows to perform when it detects the media type you selected.
    - To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.
    - Your removable storage device must be attached to your computer for it to appear in the My Computer folder.

    I hope it will help you

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