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    Outlook 2013 Fighting My Netgear R7000 Wireless Router

    And it's a frustrating battle they are waging.
    Set up a wireless network with the R7000 about 3 weeks ago and it works fine with my printer, my Kindle, my Smart TV and my Win 8.1 computer - everything but Outlook 2013. Here's the deal:
    I run a home-based graphic design business and can't eliminate Outlook for another email program like Thunderbird.
    When wireless is active, I receive incoming email just fine and can send text only email with no trouble. If I try and send an attachment of any size, it arrives garbled and unreadable. I've tried everything from 5MB PDF files to 25KB Excel files and nothing gets through to the recipient that they can open and read.
    My ISP (Charter) hasn't been able to help. They had me change ports to no avail.
    Microsoft's Outlook forum had no suggestions I could find and no responses to my posting.
    Now, during the work week, I need to deactivate the R7000 and go with a direct ethernet connection from my modem
    Has any lounge member had a similar issue? And more importantly, have you discovered a fix?
    Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    I would borrow another router and test with that to confirm that the router is at fault.

    cheers, Paul

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