I have bought my wife a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows (13"), and all I've done is setup for it.

I'm going to return the 1st one because the included Bluetooth keyboard will not stay connected, but yesterday I received a warranty replacement or just a good will replacement.

When I first tried to set it up still had connectivity issues, but was able to do a windows update w/ 2 Broadcom BT drivers and it seems to working OK now.

But other than that I have found no way or a utility which could help with Blue tooth issues, to actually find out what was the problem. I'm no fan of W8 and trying to troubleshoot issues on it is like trying to get the Federal Reserve Bank to open up its books. I thought this is crazy, the Lenovo Tablet will connect and function, with BT mouse, my BT printer,and all my other BT devices. But it will have issues with its own supplied device and Lenovo really has nothing by phone support other than a dialog that support goes though, but I'm very thankful that they issued a replacement for me.

Is there any troubleshooting tools for issues like this