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Thread: help 8.1

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    help 8.1

    My computer skills are just average. I got this huge problem, I don't know how to fix it.
    First of all I deleted all restore points just yesterday and created a new one. Iam sure restore wont solve anything.
    I had downloaded a backup program. This program used about 3/4 of my disc space. I freaked out when I seen this. I uninstalled this program. But it still shows about 3/4 disc usage of 320 gig disc. Before that program, I had real close to a full free disc. This computer is 8 months old, windows 8.1
    Thanks Chuck

    Take in consideration my lack of computer skills.
    Any good ideas?

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    My guess is that you created a cdrive image of your cdrive contents onto your cdrive. Best to use an external media for those images you're saving. Meanwhile, deleting that image folder and its contents is going to either easy or difficult depending upon what you know about File Manager, I mean explorer.exe operations.
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