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    Windows Invasion of Privacy or Illegal Hacking Disgused as Syncing?

    So now suddenly I'm seeing shortcuts on my desktop and emails from my other computers due to "syncing" (?) that I have not authorized and have been trying to stop. To increase security, I have separate computers for email, website maintenance, games, investment and banking, HD video and photo editing, etc. This includes laptops that get scrubbed clean after every trip. Does Microsoft think they can go into users computers and re-arrange data to their liking?

    Is anyone else annoyed, disgusted, or angry about this? Is this legal? Have I missed something or has Microsoft gone too far? I do not want my computers to be turned into "dumb tablets" managed by a large corporation that may put all my systems at far greater risk, since hacking a single user is of little interest to those who are responsible for the epidemic of break-ins which is growing exponentially.

    Is more legislation required to rein in the egregious actions of a monopoly out of control or did I simply miss seeing the "do not mess with my PERSONAL computer" button in the Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Preview operating systems? I can delete my Microsoft Account, but then what do I do with my Surface RT? Is Microsoft building this viral strategy into all their apps to spread their monopoly?

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    I think you may have missed PC Settings, OneDrive, Sync settings; but I don't think that has any effect on emails:

    Sync settings between PCs with OneDrive

    OneDrive - Delete Sync Settings for Windows 8.1 PCs

    (I find the syncing useful, and not a security risk; it's certainly nowhere near illegal since you have full control over it.)
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    Many security programs, internet security suites [Avast for one], image backup/restore programs [such as Acronis True Image] now come with sync-abilities on by default. One has to turn such things off within each suite to avoid paying [for offsite storage] later. What security and/or backup/restore programs have been installed recently?
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