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    Win 7 Home - CPU Cycles Too High Affects IE11

    My Win 7 Home desktop with 6 GB of RAM always would idle at something less than 10% CPU. For the past while it never goes below 28%. In reviewing running processes and applications, no single program seems to consume that much cpu yet the problem is there. I do have a lot going on in my startup but because of this issue, I have pared it back to bring it down from 35% to today's 28%.

    For the most part, it has not affected performance in a meaningful way until now. However, now when I start IE (11), CPU cycles go up into the 70s and never go down. When I try to do anything in IE, it basically doesn't respond. I doesn't freeze up. It just sits there. For example, just adding a tab doesn't really work. At this point, IE is unsuable for me. So I use Chrome most of the time now.

    My first thought was that I should try to repair IE11 but that's not easy as when I follow MS's instructions, I get the dreaded error message about how I already have a newer version installed and it doesn't let me proceed.

    Windows Task Manager basically shows "System" consuming 25% (or more) but it is in 1 value with no detail. Therefore, I installed process explorer in order to get a detailed idea of what could be causing the problem. While it displays a lot more detail, it still doesn't provide actionable information as the values for the most part for each program/process running is 0% to less than 1%.

    My memory utilization is not maxed out as generally I am using about 50% of RAM and the page file starts at almost 0 at boot up and eventually might hit 50%


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    Disable any IE add-ons and test. IE doesn't normally use lots of CPU on it's own.

    cheers, Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pshare View Post when I start IE (11), CPU cycles go up into the 70s and never go down. When I try to do anything in IE, it basically doesn't respond...
    Try Windows Repair (All In One). One of the fixes is "Repair Internet Explorer". It also fixes a number of other common problems with Windows.
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