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    Question How to remove domain/dns/AD entry on SBS 2008

    I'm trying to prep an old Dell PowerEdge T610 server to sell. It contains domain, DNS, AD, Exchange, etc. info on a domain that is no longer needed (and I certainly would not want anyone else to have this info). Ideally, I'd like to be able to simply delete the AD, DNS Exchange and any other reference to the domain, so it's 'bare' and ready to be configured with a new AD/domain/DNS/Exchange, etc. I don't see any option to do that and I've tried all the management tools. I believe DCPROMO is involved somewhere in the process (to 'demote'?), but the more I've tried to read on this, the more confusing it gets.

    Unable to locate the original SBS 2008 install disks (which would have been the ideal choice) and I've examined the 'recovery' partition and I don't see anything there that would allow a wipe/reinstall.

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    DCPROMO will remove the domain info but probably not the DNS stuff.
    To run DCPROMO, just type DCPROMO into a Command Prompt and follow the prompts to remove the domain - "this is the last DC".
    When done, go into the DNS settings and remove anything domain related.
    Exchange needs to have all databases removed before you remove the domain. I'd use a secure erase program for the database files, just to be sure.

    cheers, Paul

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