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    Exclamation Akamai

    I do not remember ever installing this software.

    Today my firewall asked me if I wanted to block it, I had no idea what it was so I did.

    It says it was installed ten days ago and when I attempt to delete it it says it is used by Turner Broadcasting System Inc. which I also never heard about to prior to today.

    My worry is what exactly the program is able to do and how this ended up installed on my computer and along with what, because it is used for downloading and streaming as I have read.

    I am about to uninstall it but this is beyond confusing.

    As far as I remember I did not install any new software, I've attempted to install Tunngle a while ago (I can't specify the date) but I did not go through with it due to very strange warnings from my firewall, so I do not see how it could secretly install something else instead.

    I've made an account on this site specifically to ask about this issue because I have seen people ask about it years ago here. If you have any helpful information about what caused my firewall to detect it and for it to be installed on my computer without me directly consenting to its installation that would be great!


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    It's not evil, but most people here choose to uninstall it: Keep or Remove Akamai NetSession Interface?

    It includes peer-to-peer technology which can retransmit cached content from your computer: Akamai Technologies: Peer-to-peer networking

    Perhaps that's the part which raised a firewall flag (but you didn't say which firewall).

    You probably viewed some short video which happened to be hosted by Turner and delivered via Akamai (although companies like Asus also use it for software updates).
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