Hey Y'all,

Ok, I'm at wits end (I only had half way to go ).

I've been in the habit of digitally signing Important VBA code for quite a while. All of the sudden on my main computer Win 8.1 Update 1 64-Bit with Office 2010 Pro 32-Bit. I can no longer sign my Excel or Access VBA. I keep getting this message when I try to save the file:

Over on my Win 7 HP SP-1 64 Bit Laptop with Office 2020 Pro 32-Bit. The exact self cert files do the job just fine. I can copy these office files to my desktop and they work fine but if I change the code I can't resign it!.

I've removed the certificates from IE and re-installed them but still no dice. I"ve googled but obviously I must not be asking the right question.

FYI: The certification files were created in 2010!

Any Ideas?