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    Default Accounts and Signitures (OE 5 Win98)

    1. I have 3 accounts set up in OE, each with its own signiture and each with it's own email address. Each signiture is set up to work with its corresponding account through tools-options-signiture-advanced. Each account is also set up to send/receive in unison and then sort the received messges into the appropriate inbox folder.

    However, every account will only use the default signiture. Why is this and how do I convince OE to use the signiture that is assigned to that account?

    2. Another problem I'm having with the default account is that it appears in the "From:" box whenever I reply or forward message, no matter what account I am working from. OE makes me click on the "From:" box to get a drop down menu of all my accounts. I must then choose the account I want to reply from. Is there some way to convince OE to insert the account return address from the account I am using instead of the default account address?

    If OE will not do what I want it to, will I be able to do it in the Outlook that came with my Office 2000?

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    Re: Default Accounts and Signitures (OE 5 Win98)

    I think you need to set up separate identities rather than just 'accounts', as anything that uses any one in/outbox in OE will have the default details (from, etc). The only way to use different details is to have different identities.

    Go to File, Manage identities and set up two new ones so you have one for each 'account', then have each identity retrieve for that account only. You can then set up the defaults in each identity to default to the From, signature etc that you want.

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