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    how to fix failed Windows updates in Windows 8.1

    Hi. Just got a new PC with windows 8.1 after having Vista for 10 yrs what a shock lol. I would say I am maybe a average to below average PC user when it comes to delving into the working of the inner PC. I bought Woodys Dummies for 8.1 and is a great book am learing alot slowly. Alot, of stuff there I knew nothing about expecially this Windows Update thing and how it can affect ur PC and have shut the automatic off as he suggest. heres my problem. I have about 15 Failed updates in my history. I read about 25 web sites on how to fix them. Most are long and complicated and a little above me and found one that is pretty short that I understand but it takes about 20 minutes to a half hour just to fix one failed update. U have to uninstall the failed update first. Then have windows look for updates and that take about 10 minutes. It will find the update u just deleted. Then u install it again and reboot and then that takes about 15 to 20 minutes to make the update install properly I guess. It does work cuz the update is successful after doing this. But, is there a shorter way to do this and is it good to restart ur pc the 15 times it takes to go through each individual failed update? I quit after doing two to try to get some help on this. Hope this makes sense to someone.

    Pat/ drdoo2

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    There's some bits you can work our way through in but open the Command Prompt (Admin) and enter dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth followed by sfc /scannow when that has completed and then retry the WUs if the sfc reports no integrity problems.

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