Hey gang,

I have what is turning out to be a rather complicated set of Outlook accounts and I can't get the calendars to do what I want. If anyone can help with this, it will be you guys. I realize the description of the problem is someone lengthy, so bear with me.

I am a consultant working for more than 1 company. I have three accounts set up in Outlook: 1 for personal email, a Google Apps account from one of the companies I subcontract for, and then another regular email account for my business email. The way Google Apps work, it created a separate Google Profile in Outlook, then I added the other two accounts to that profile. That way the calendar, contacts and tasks are automatically updated with the online Google stuff. Ingenious setup, but it is causing other problems.

Yes, I know many of you will be tempted to respond with how ridiculous this is. And I will probably agree. But it is what I have to work with.

I can actually keep the three accounts separated fairly well (send email from the correct email address, etc). However, it turns out that all my contacts and calendar items default to the Google Account. I can create a separate calendar to manually add items to so they won't populate the Google online calendar. However, I received a meeting request sent to one of the non-google accounts. When I reply, it defaults to replying from the Google account. And I can't alter the From address. I'm guessing this is because it is the default calendar. Any thoughts as to how I might be able to make sure I respond from the correct email address.