So recently I used the "Refresh" option on Windows 8.1 as I do not have an external HD to backup to. Once I finished I noticed a few different issues that I wasn't having before I refreshed.

1.) Even though I used the same account to as before I realized that my files were not in the same location as before. All of my default libraries had been changed around. The account I was currently logged in on had nothing in the default Video and Music libraries. Navigating to the C:\Users directory I found that my former username had "000" after it. Once I clicked on it and entered the Video and Music dirs I found my files and folders. I had to move them back over to my current library and enable DLNA on WMP again for streaming.

2.)This one I still haven't figured out. I always have booted to Metro...always. I have never been one of those people who complain about Metro. I actually like it. I happen to be having the opposite issue. I go to the desktop to reset the boot options from the Start Menu properties. Then I applied the changes and close the properties box. Then I as soon as I try and set the boot to Metro option however, my metro settings revert back to default. For example my wallpaper was set to use the desktop wallpaper as its background, it returned to a solid color after. Then I returned to confirm the option again, then box to boot to desktop was checked again. All on its own.

I have tried a few things for the second one but nothing much so far. I was going to go in and see if anything is amiss in the registry. I just wanted to run it by you guys to see if anyone else had any ideas.

Thank you in advance for all your help.