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    Field fill-in from combo box

    I have a saved sample to remind me how to setup an unbound combo box that displays records of a table. Other text boxes in the form are filled in from columns of the selected record. The control source for the text boxes uses this pattern: =[SchoolID].column(3).
    My original example was created in Access 2003. In Access 2010, the reference is automatically changed to have brackets around the word Column: =[SchoolID].[column](3) and #Name? is displayed instead of the school name.
    Will someone explain what happened and hopefully, how to fix it?

    Thanks so much

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    This appears to be a change in the Jet database engine. It blocks what it considers unsafe references or actions. You can work around it by making a change in how sandbox mode is set on your computer. You can see how to do this in this thread from google groups access group.! Read the thread an you will eventually get your answer, it is quite a ways down in the thread.

    Here is the link for how to change the sandbox settings:

    Maybe someone else here can explain the dangers of making this change.

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    My personal opinion is that there is only minimal danger is changing the sandbox mode in 2010. The security features that were introduced in 2007 and beyond were intended to make it less vulnerable to malware, but there have been very few cases of Access based malware that I am aware of. It seems there are much easier applications, which are more widely used, that black hats focus on.

    There are also other ways of achieving what you are apparently doing. The most common one is the one used by the combo box wizard, which does a record set clone each time you select a record in the unbound combo box. The other common approach is to apply a filter based on the selection of a record in the combo box. Both do require using VBA of course, but are not affected by the sandbox issue.

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