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    multiple back button clicks

    I had the problem of needing multiple back button clicks to go back to the google search page from the page that I viewed from the google search results. I solved this problem and I think it is applicable here.
    I'm guessing that:
    When a website is secure (https), it communicates differently, than a non secure website (http) with the components that create a browsing session. This seems to cause the browser to be redirected back to the page that was being viewed, when the back button is clicked. Google went to secured servers, a while ago and this is when the complains about multiple clicking and broken back buttons started.

    The solution is to use a No ReDirect command in the google URL, which looks like this:
    instead of

    Save the first one as a favorite or set it as your homepage as I did.

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    The back button is not broken, it is that you are sent 2 pages forward when you click on a link and a single click on back returns you to the redirect page, which sends you forward to the page you have just viewed. To go back to the original page right click on the back button and select the google page you want.
    The alternative is to open links in new tabs and close the tab when you are finished.

    cheers, Paul

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