(I don't have any files to upload as an example, but probably can get one).

Someone I met at a meeting said the following -- so, was wondering if someone has been through this exercise and has a possible solution or approach:

My company has a ton of Word files that have numerous links to Excel files. The Excel files are updated quarterly, and the Word links are then updated accordingly (we use fixed, not dynamic links).

All of our files use Absolute links with specific file paths, but we are relocating our files to a cloud solution and the links will not work in that environment. I am looking for a developer to create and test a Word macro that converts all Excel hyperlinks in any one document from Absolute to Relative so we can just drag the relative files to any folder or desktop and work with them, as long as Word and Excel files are in same location. Just need a macro we can run when we open a document and need to work on it.