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    File sharing via DFS causing problems (Windows Server 2012 R2 and Win 7)

    HI All,
    I have a work environment that is starting to come online where we now have three servers spread over large distances.
    Files are replicated between all three servers to keep all servers the same using DFS Namespaces.
    The problem is that when a user opens a file at site A, and then another user opens the same file on site B or C, they are not notified that Site A user has the file open and do they want to open in read only mode or get a notification...
    If users try and to open a file from the same site, then notification is given that another person has the file open... no problem, but no notice is given when using different servers
    This is leading to disastrous results where by information entered at the different sites can be lost.
    Obviously, because the files are being opened on different servers, then no notice is generated, but surely this is a problem that has occurred previously?
    Can anyone tell me how multiple site opening of the same file can be detected?
    I do not want to be facing grumpy users when they realise their data has not been saved.

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    DFS is a mechanism for distributing updates, not working collaboratively - at least it was last time I used it. Maybe you should look at using Sharepoint or similar (there are quite a few open source collaboration products).

    cheers, Paul

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