Hi All,

One of my customers, a small medical supply house, wants to add a web based order entry program to their site. Currently their customers phone orders to the office.

I have looked at several 'shopping carts' and it is tough to tell if they would meet the client's needs and I am (lazily) trying to avoid installing/testing several packages to find the right feature set. osCommerce seems possible with a couple of add-ons.

The requirements are:
This is a business to business application, fixed customer base (no search engine traffic or retail at this time)
. product price varies by customer
. bill to with multiple ship to
. ability to re-order
. orders emailed to main office
. the shipping/invoicing is all handled by back office software (not on web site. no credit card necessary)
. ability to upload product data
. ability to upload pricing data

All suggestions/recommendations welcomed.