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    Can old Apple iPOD Classic be connected to Android tablet?

    In the past,
    I used my Apple iPOD "Classic"
    connected to my ex-Win XP pc.

    Would D/L Podcasts to my XP PC,
    then transfer them to the iPod player.
    That worked well.
    (I loved to listen to Podcasts on the tiny iPod, at night...).

    But now,
    I only use a Linux UBUNTU 12.04 PC (32 bit).
    The XP pc is gone, forever.

    Researched the web for weeks...
    Impossible to use an iPod player
    with Linux.
    They just don't talk to each other!

    So my Question:
    Can an old Apple iPOD "Classic"
    be connected to an Android Tablet?.

    And if so, how?

    My objective is
    to D/L MP3 Podcasts on the Tablet,
    transfer them to the smaller iPod,
    where I can listen to them.

    The 10.1 inch Tablet is just too big,
    compared to the tiny portable iPod player...

    w/SAMSUNG 10.1" Android 4.22 Tablet (Galaxy TAB3).
    - Pale Moon 25.2.0 and FF 34
    - Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (32-bit)
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    Found an interesting article that lists several alternatives:

    Also have you tried WINE to emulate windows and put iTunes on there? Here's a link on how to do that:

    Good luck!

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    Thank you, Craig!

    Your 2 suggestions:

    1) the link:
    gives me a "404 - Page not Found".

    2) I use Wine for other smaller Windows progs,
    (which have no Linux equivalent).
    They work ok under Wine.

    But to install Windows
    and ITunes via Wine in Linux,
    (just to d/l podcasts to an old iPod),
    would be a huge task in my simpler case.

    So, my main, mystery question remains:

    -- Is there any small iPod-like music player device
    which I can connect to
    (ie: is "compatible with")
    my Android Samsung Galaxy Tab3 TABLET ?
    (10.1" screen - Android 4.2.2)

    I can now listen to Podcasts
    on the the Tablet itself,
    but it's too big to carry around
    for just listening to audio...
    the old iPod was tiny in size!.

    if I could connect the old iPod (or any other player device)
    to the Android Tablet,
    transfer the MP3 files f/Tablet to iPod...
    that'd be great!

    But how can I do that?...
    Any other audio player devices that connect to Android Tablets, out there?
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