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    Angry Bigpond webmail problem

    At times I get pictures attached to mail and all is o.k. Then I will get another which says don't load pictures from this ........and I haven't activated anything, I have tried to reverse the situation to always load no avail.

    Any idea's I use windows 8.1 and IE 11 Here is the message: Don't load images from this sender | Load images | Always load images from this sender | View message details

    Full Message Headers

    Content-Type : multipart/alternative; boundary=_c5916441-c645-4266-a5ed-c9d27ac478f2_

    Additional Headers
    Name : RECEIVED; Value : from nskntcmgw04p ([]) by with ESMTP id < om@nskntcmgw04p>; Sun, 18 Jan 2015 05:35:42 +0000
    Name : RECEIVED; Value :

    Message Parts
    File Name : null, Mime-type : text/plain, Size : 15173, Part Type : TEXT_PLAIN
    File Name : null, Mime-type : text/html, Size : 66037, Part Type : TEXT_HTML

    Reply to Recipients
    Name : null, Address :

    From Name : null

    Close message details

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    I suspect it's your browser, not large puddle, showing the messages. Most likely the images that show OK are embedded in the mail, the others are external links so you get a warning message. Personally I never load external images because they may be web beacons, drive by attack etc. If you really want to view the image you can go direct to the link.

    cheers, Paul

    p.s. don't put your email address in posts unless you want spam.

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