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    window 8 external drive help please

    I everyone. I am new here and am in need of some help.
    I got a new laptop for Christmas window 8.1 64 bit was pre installed .
    I don't know much about window 8, so I made one Hugh mistake.
    here what I did...
    1. I got my new laptop all set up.

    2. I had a old hard drive I had been using
    as a external had drive by plugging into USB 2.0 port (old laptop had window 7)
    this external drive had no window installed no damage and always worked
    I was using it as storage to download old family pictures I work on.
    well when I plug it into 2.0 USB port and tried to open it in window 8...said it had to be format..(drive letter is D)
    I knew enough to now do that would erase everything on it.
    so I went and plugged it back into my old laptop (Window 7 drive letter D)
    tried to open now says I have to reformat there also. So now I cannot open external drive
    on either laptop.

    My question is can I fix this and recover my family pictures?
    This external drive always open before in window 7 with no problem.
    I was even tried to install it internaly into my desktop (window 7) and it still does the same
    Do I need a software to recover my pictures and if so I need
    a free one please.

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    It is possible the drive has failed, or has been corrupted at some point - maybe you didn't shut it down before you unplugged it?
    Can you plug it into your new laptop - don't format it. Then run Disk Manager and see what it says is on the disk - post a screen shot.
    Disk Manager can be run by pressing Win R and typing "diskmgmt.msc" without the quotes.

    cheers, Paul

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