Howdy Everybody, My name is Microdot and I am a newcomer to your lounge and forum. I found this great little nugget of a article about a month ago when I was installing XP on an old HP laptop. Go to , and read this great article. I failed to install the registry hack as the author advised, so with a little trial and error, I wrote my own. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/WPA and add new key "PosReady" and string "[name]Installed [type]REG_DWORD [data]0x00000001 (1). This will make Windows Update think that your machine has Windows Embedded PosReady installed and will download updates for software and hardware and security. Any updates that are strickly for the embedded version of XP will not install. I have used this for two months now and have received several updates of all kinds. I fired up the old HP today to get the registry entry and ran update and received 2 security and 2 software updates. I you have any problems, please feel free to E me, and I will be happy to try to help. XP is like the 6 Million Dollar Man, we have the technology to make it better. Have fun computing. Later, I am going back to play some Doom. Dot out.