Word 14.0.7140.5002 (32 bit) on a Windows 7 Dell laptop with all the latest Windows updates.

While trying to insert some clipart from bing.com into a Word document using Clip Organizer, I accidentally selected "Delete from Clip Organizer" from the drop down menu. The specific piece of clipart is still listed in the Clip Art sidebar and can be inserted into the document, but the thumbnail is now missing from the sidebar. I can view it by opening the Preview/Properties window, but would like it back in the sidebar with all the others.

Since I have determined that this is Bing content, I don't understand how I could have deleted just the thumbnail while still leaving the clipart available and previewable. Supposing Delete from Clip Organizer might have made a change to the Windows registry, I restored it to a time before I made my mistake, but this didn't fix the problem. I haven't turned up any relevant articles on the Microsoft Support website.

Can anyone help me figure out how to reverse the mistaken deletion and get the thumbnail back?

Thank you,