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    Creating a LinkedIn account

    My daughter in law has asked me to join in with her Linked In account. Since I'm not a social media person yet I want to make sure I stay safe & secure if I'm going to follow through.
    --- She does home schooling but I'm retired
    In the course of signing up, it appears to me I see adclicks and there might be more but I do not want to be bombarded with such items as adclicks as I keep my computer as ad free etc. as possible
    Then it wants to import my address book in order to suggest connections and help manage my contacts
    --- This doesn't appeal to me. I clicked out of that option but I can't say I trust the results yet
    So how do I ensure joining Linked in is safe & secure?

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    I joined LinkedIn, to be able to look at other profiles, rather than to put my own out there, as I am retired and not actively seeking work.

    If you're not careful in your profile, you'll get eMails every day asking if you want to connect with people you've never heard of, and are not remotely interested in. Cut down the frequency of these mails to weekly, and you may be about right. I still get mails from a relentless self-publicist, who seems always to be publishing papers about things about which I care nothing, real PITA. Don't think he's a WSL member!

    All that said, after a lot of profile editing, I am in a happy place, having re-established contact with a few ex-colleagues with whom I had lost contact.

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    I was going to mention the spam and I'm not even a member, but I know people who are.

    cheers, Paul

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    I tweaked the privacy settings a lot on LinkedIn. Most people don't fully understand what they're sharing and how. I would recommend turning off the setting that allows others to see you've viewed their profile, turning off activity broadcasts, and definitely turning off data sharing with third party apps. The settings are described here.

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