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    Legitimate Microsoft Windows 8.1 ISO Media Creation Tool

    —>There is no Product Key requirement for using this tool and downloading the ISO/USB file.<—

    In this thread, ces1948 asked how to get an 8.1 ISO for upgrading a Windows 7 PC. I found a link that looked promising, and posted it. And then I had an epiphany; would Windows 8.1 take a Repair/Reinstall similar to the tried and true method that works so well with Windows 7, without going through Refresh or Reset and the extra baggage they bring.

    I decided to try that idea, but first, I needed a Windows 8.1 ISO. Here are the results of ces1948's quest, without all the extra posts (which is not to say that they aren't interesting posts, but I kinda hijacked that thread).

    Make sure you're logged on as a member of the Administrators group, and go to Microsoft's Installation Media Creation Tool page.

    0 Microsoft Tool.PNG

    Click the "Create" button on the bottom left, then click Run when you're given the option to run or save. You'll be asked for your preference of Windows 8.1.

    1 What kind of installation.PNG

    After you've selected your criteria, you'll be asked for your preference of media. I prefer USB—it's much quicker than DVD.

    2 Where to save.PNG

    When you've made your choice and clicked Next, if you choose USB, you'll need at least a 4GB stick plugged in.

    3 Where's the USB.PNG

    The tool spends a bit of time getting the appropriate files together for your selection.

    4 Getting Files Ready.PNG

    Once it's gathered the files, the download begins. It's over 3GB, so it will take a little time, depending on your internet connection speed.

    5 8.1 Media Creation Download.PNG

    Once the download is complete, the tool prepares your USB drive.

    6 Creating The USB Flash Drive.PNG

    When the flash drive is finished, you get a reminder that you'll need your Product Key for installation.

    7 Finished.PNG

    At the bottom left of the above screen is a link, "What's next?" Click that link, and you'll get this synopsis of installation instructions.

    8 What Next.PNG

    Of course, if your intention is to upgrade a Windows 7 PC, you'll need a legitimate Product Key, and you'll also need to make sure that PC is ready for upgrade.

    If you want to use your USB/DVD for a Repair/Reinstall, that get's a little interesting. It does work, and I'll follow up with another thread on my results.
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