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    Windows 8.1 Pro Repair/Reinstall - Part 2

    After rebooting from Setting up back into WinPE, we went into Getting devices ready, (again on the UEFI boot background), and more just Getting ready.

    6.3 Getting devices ready.PNG 6.4 Getting ready.PNG

    After Getting ready, we began Applying PC settings, and after that another reboot back into WinPE.

    6.5 Applying PC settings.PNG

    After the reboot came Updating your system, which was rather quick, followed by Setting up a few more things, then more Getting ready, still on the UEFI boot background.

    6.6 Setting up a few more things.PNG 6.7 Getting ready.PNG

    Finally, Setup finished booting the computer into Windows Setup, and I was presented with Settings options, which I elected to customize.

    Settings 1.jpg Settings 2.jpg

    Basically I turned off all the phone-home options except for Windows error(s) and malware reporting.

    Settings 3.jpg Settings 4.jpg

    After finishing my Settings selections and clicking Next, I was presented with the logon screen of the account in which I had launched setup. I logged on, and Setup began finalizing, and installing my apps. After I was presented with my Desktop, I installed StartIsBack+, which was missing, then logged off and logged into my Standard user account, and again went through finalizing settings and installing my apps. After my Desktop appeared in that account, I logged off, and back into the account in the Administrators group.

    I checked System Properties, and Windows was activated. I then clicked on "Add features to Windows", clicked "I already have a Product Key", and entered the Product Key for the Media Center Pack. The key was accepted, and Media Center was installed with one reboot. I logged back off, back into my Standard user account, and launched Windows Update.

    7.4 Updates after Repair-Reinstall.PNG

    With Windows Update started, I went about my normal activities, such as reading posts and posting in threads here, and other fancy stuff. I didn't have any issues that needed repair, so I can't really vouch for that part of a Windows 7 style Repair/Reinstall, but it did no harm. I only lost two features and they were quite simple to get back. There were a few Windows settings that went back to default, and I've already got most of them set to my preference. All my tasks in Task Scheduler are still there. In other words, it now looks as if I'd done nothing at all.

    I pronounce that a good thing, as far as messing around with Windows goes.
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