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    Windows 8.1 Pro Repair/Reinstall - Part 1

    In an earlier thread, I described a first-pass Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center Repair/Reinstall. It didn't proceed as I had expected, so I restored a recent drive image and ran it a second time, with the same result. Although it did indeed run its course and did no harm to my existing installation, I am still a bit perplexed as to why it did what it did. I was not asked for a Product Key or to accept a license agreement; it just ran.

    I ran sfc /scannow on the "repaired" installation and it found no inconsistencies. I defragged the partition, created a fresh drive image, booted into an account in the Administrators group, and had another go at it. This (now third) run was also successful, but it was more in line with a Repair/Reinstall (In-place Upgrade) in Windows 7. This Repair/Reinstall ran for an hour and ten minutes.

    Afterward I had 60 Windows Updates to install, 1.46GB, which also took a good while to run, but my PC was up, running and usable throughout that time up until the reboot, so I didn't include that in the amount of time taken for the Repair/Reinstall. The Windows 8.1 Pro ISO/USB includes 42 Windows Updates already installed on 9/24/2014, one of which is KB2919355, Windows 8.1 Update.

    I plugged in the USB drive and launched setup.exe using Run as administrator.

    1 Preparing.png

    After preparing, it was necessary to check for important updates.

    2 Get Important Updates.PNG 3 Checking for Updates.PNG

    After checking on updates, Setup had to restart itself. The PC didn't reboot, Setup just restarted.

    3.5 restart.PNG

    Next, I had to input my Product Key. Notice on the screen, just below the Product Key field is, "This product key can only be used to add features to Windows. It can't be used to install Windows." This is before I entered anything. I'm thinking that the cautionary statement means that Setup had rooted into the registry and found my Media Center Product Key, since that is the Key that Belarc Advisor and Magical Jelly Bean both report as my Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center Product Key. That Key is not my Windows 8 Pro Product Key, which I entered. Yes, that's Windows 8 (not 8.1) Pro, the original Product Key I received in an email when I bought the Windows 8 upgrade on 10/26/2012 from Microsoft for $39.99.

    3.6 Product Key.PNG

    Then I had to accept the license terms.

    3.7 License.PNG

    After accepting the license terms, I was asked to decide on what I wanted Setup to do.

    3.8 Choose.PNG

    Setup was now ready to make sure that everything was ready for installation, which was the case, and I was informed of what was going to transpire.

    4 Making Sure You're Ready to Install.PNG 5 Ready to Install.PNG

    Next we went into Installing Windows 8.1, with progress measured in 1% increments. At 100%, I was asked to remove the USB drive, click OK, and the computer would restart. I did, and it did, rebooting into the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE). There we went through Setting up, again measured in percentage increments, on the UEFI boot background.

    6.2 Setting up.PNG

    After Setting up reached 100%, the computer again rebooted.

    There is a 10 image limit per post; I'll continue in Windows 8.1 Pro Repair/Reinstall - part 2.
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