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    Fix for HDD problem caused by Win10TP build 9879

    Back in mid-November 2014 I posted at (see my #14 post) about a problem I was having with my 2TB Seagate HDD. After going to some trouble the HDD seemed to be working again, but stopped working the next day; by then I was fairly fed up so simply replaced the HDD with a new one and put the sick HDD aside for later attention.

    I have since tried upgrading the firmware on the sick HDD (didn't seem to help), tried using data-recovery software to recover the partitions (thousands of "failed to read from sector..." errors & nothing recovered), and tried every-which-way to get Win7 to recognise and access the HDD but no joy.

    Then yesterday Browni sent me a private email with a link to in which some posters were having the same, or very similar, HDD problems. After reading through and following a couple more links ( and I copied the HDAT2.EXE program to a bootable USB thumbdrive, booted from the thumbdrive and ran the HDAT2 fix.

    The HDD then came back to life, although I did have a bit of trouble getting the first partition to unhide (for some reason it didn't unhide on the first attempt, but did after a reboot).

    I have since connected the HDD to one of my workbench PCs, and everything is bonza; I can access all data on the two partitions. This is opposite to what was happening when the problem first occurred after the 9879 upgrade, when I could only access the data on the partitions after booting from a BartPE CD on this PC. My other computers detected the HDD but I couldn't access the data.

    Thanks again Browni.
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    Thanks for posting your fix and crediting Brownie...


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