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    Sports Pool Web Download

    OK, Excel pros. Looking for a solution for Excel (2010). I run a 30 team hockey pool using Excel.
    Currently, I import player stats from a website to an Excel Work sheet and then transfer those individual player stats to each team accordingly. Each team is on the same Work book, but cannot make permanent links from the website download, since players move around in the work book (trades, cuts, etc). In addition, the download from the website will always change as well.
    Is there a way to make this all a little easier? Thanks.
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    ...the download from the website will always change as well.

    When you say the download changes, are you indicating that the players names and stats will be placed in different cells throughout the sheet (different cols and rows) or that they will always be in the same range but a different order?

    Worst case scenario is that this can be done in a semi-automatic fashion. Select a player then click a button to run a macro to search all the spreadsheets for the player and when found, paste the stats. If the players names are in a list with a consistent range, for example always Cells A4 through A225, and in any order, then this could be more automated by cycling through the players names, locating them on other sheets and transferring the stats.

    Without a sample worksheet with a sample download, it is difficult to say more.


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