After my Repair/Reinstall of Windows 8.1 Pro and getting what few things that were set back to default re-optioned back to my preferred settings, I decided it was time to run Disk Cleanup.

There was a Windows.old folder, lots of logs and temp files, and plenty of Update Uninstall excess baggage hanging around my C: drive. There were 60 Windows Updates after the Repair/Reinstall, but I had already updated those before, and Windows had not balked on any of them. So I didn't see any reason to keep the Update Uninstall packages, knowing that I would not be uninstalling any of the Updates.

I didn't need anything from the Windows.old folder, because I have everything on drive images which can be mounted and any files I might want can be retrieved from there. The Repair/Reinstall went well, I've checked all the critical parts, nothing untoward is amiss (and I've got those drive images), so I saw no reason to keep any of the logs. I launched Disk Cleanup, selected everything, and clicked OK.

One hour and twenty minutes later, it finally completed. It was plugging away in the background while I continued to use my computer. After all, everything Disk Cleanup is getting rid of is not in use, so there's no disruption that's going to effect Windows operation.

This post is to serve as a reminder that even though Disk Cleanup might appear to be stuck or hung up, don't cancel. Let it run to completion. There was lots of disk activity of varying intensity going on for the entire hour and twenty minutes, so just be patient.