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    Closing the database (Access 2000)

    How to close the database

    I have an autoexec file performing the task of transfering some tables and modules, and on completing i have to quit the database. I end up my code with the following command:
    Application.Quit acPrompt
    However i receive the message that path cannot be found.I do not receive an error if i perform the code from an OnClick comand, but

    when the code is withing the autoexec macro,and that is exactky what i want to do, then i receive this error.
    How can i effectively close the database with another command, so that i do not receive errors?

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    Re: Closing the database (Access 2000)

    Where is that code? I'm not sure what you mean by an autoexec file. That code should work fine in Access 2000, whether you invoke it with a button click or call a routine that contains it from a macro or run it some other way from inside the database.

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