There seems to be a crying need for a macro-run mechanism that offers a global name search.

In Word97SR2 I choose Tools, Macro, Macros, and am presented with a small window through which I must scroll to locate my macro.

Trouble is, I have about ten global/startup templates, and I can't remember which template stores the macro (so I can't restrict my search using MACROS IN), and my failing memory causes me to think I called it RemoveAllGraphics, but you know it might be DeleteAllGraphics or something else. The macro will have "Graphics" in the name, because it is designed to get rid of any picture-like elements in the current document. Oh yes, it might be called KillAllPictures, but I doubt it. I wrote it around about the time I was switching user macro prefixes from cmd_ to udf_, although if I never moved it from development, it probably has neither prefix.

So what I need is a box within the Tools, macro, macros box that allows me to key in a short text string and return a sub-set of macros, only those that contain my text string anywhere in their name.

Shouldn't be too difficult, and ought to save a whole lot of time opening up global templates (what a pain THAT is!) and doing a search within each template.

Who is going to write it?