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Thread: Slow LAN speed

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    Slow LAN speed

    Dear Folks;

    Hoping I can get some help troubleshooting slow LAN speeds

    We are a small company with 10 computers of varying ages. Windows XP, Windows 7 and a couple of Windows 8 laptops. Our network consists of a Mikrotik router, bridge to 2 DSL modems. WAN connects to XyXel XyWall 100 then to a 24 port Netgear Gigabit switch. We have 2 wifi routers as well as VPN setup through the XyXel. We also use TeamViewer for remote access for our employees.

    Its a bit of a mishmash and somewhere along the line something has cut our upload speeds down to near nothing. Have checked with our DSL provider repeatedly and found no problems with our DSL up to our front door.

    If any of you can steer me to finding what might be slowing things down, the help would certainly be much appreciated

    Many Thanks!

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    The only thing I can offer is the Gigabit switch doesn't provide its full speed unless all the other parts of the LAN/Local Area Network are rated at Gigabit speed, may require using PCI or PCI-e Add-in Network adapters rated at 10/100/1000Mbps and changing everything else to Gigabit-rated. The LAN generally works at the speed of the slowest item. The use of WinXP suggests those computers haven't been upgraded to the faster technology.

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    I assume by upload you mean office to internet, not VPN to office?
    As you are running on DSL you may have reached your contention ratio limit - upload vs download. To check this you need to view the real time bandwidth use reported by your network devices. You may also find that one device is hogging the bandwidth, or that you have set bandwidth limits via one of your devices.
    I don't have experience with your equipment so can't comment on what traffic views are available.

    Are you able to provide more information about what you have tried / tested and what traffic stats are available to you?

    cheers, Paul

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