(This is actually post #8 from Update on my rebuild project, but concerns a clean install of Windows 7 and Windows Updates for that clean install. It might prove helpful in its own thread.)

After investigating my hardware choices/prices/capabilities, my original plan of upgrading the motherboard in my 580 slowly morphed into a new hardware build and transferring my dual boot of retail versions of Windows 7 Ultimate/Windows 8.1 Pro to the new box. Then, one failing drive and a great sale price led to opting for a pair of Seagate SSHD drives for my OS's. The failing drive's replacement from Seagate, a certified remanufactured 1TB drive, proved to be faulty, which Seagate again replaced with a new 2TB Barracuda (all my drives have been Barracuda).

More Black Friday sales temptations finally left me with 16GB DDR3 1600MHz DRAM leftover, a Kingston V300 SSD, and a spare 1TB Barracuda. The new motherboard supports 32GB RAM, and I got a matched set from Corsair for a little more than I paid for the 16GB set of Corsair a couple of years ago. The 580 has its original motherboard and Intel Core i3 processor still in place, my new box is loaded up with 5 drives plus CD/DVD, and I've still got known-good parts lying around. I decided to resurrect it, and see what sort of noticable improvements the SSD might bring. The 580 motherboard only supports SATA II, but the SSD should still be impressive enough to notice, one would think.

I got all the leftovers installed in the 580 box, then did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 from an official ISO I downloaded. That went relatively well with no real hiccups. I had all the drivers saved to a folder that I copied to a thumb drive, and got them all installed, which got my NIC working.

I then went for the Windows Anytime Upgrade to Professional, $89.95, less than 10 minutes to install. My Product Key was emailed to me, and I opened System Properties, clicked on Change Product Key, and got Pro authenticated and activated. Next I installed IE 11 (up from IE 8).

Then Windows Updates. 165 yesterday, all in one fell swoop, no hang-ups. There were 25 more today, and they installed in a wad without incident, as well. I installed another copy of Malwarebytes Pro, got Revo Uninstaller on sale for $19.62.

I also installed the software for my network printer; my NAS shows up in the network. I installed Image for Windows, and made a drive image of the SSD. I have the 1TB Barracuda split into two partitions, one for data, and the other for local drive images. The SSD makes the Inspiron 580 noticably quicker that its previous incarnation.